Audio Sermon: Naked Humans, Compassionate God, Pt. 2

Naked Humans, Compassionate God, Pt. 2

When God came looking for Adam and Eve in the garden, they met him with excuses and even blame. But in the course of their conversation the real situation became clear. The result was that God declared that from that point on God’s people and Satan, the serpent, would be at war.

Audio Sermon: Small Actions, Spectacular Results

Small Actions, Spectacular Results

Two points: God is calling you. Just you. And he probably is not asking you to do something big and dramatic. He’s probably asking you to do something relatively small. But that small thing, when we obey, has spectacular results.

Audio Sermon: Decision by Dice

Decision by Dice

Just before Pentecost, the 11 apostles of Jesus decided that they needed to replace the position that Judas left with another apostle. They chose Matthias by casting lots (similar to rolling dice). Should they have done that? Is it possible that they moved ahead of the Holy Spirit on that one? How does a person discover God’s will?