Audio Sermon: Naked Humans, Compassionate God, Pt. 2

Naked Humans, Compassionate God, Pt. 2

When God came looking for Adam and Eve in the garden, they met him with excuses and even blame. But in the course of their conversation the real situation became clear. The result was that God declared that from that point on God’s people and Satan, the serpent, would be at war.

A Simple Guide to the Book of Revelation

My latest book, A Simple Guide to Revelation, will be coming out about the middle of January. It takes you through the entire book of Revelation verse by verse and phrase by phrase.

Until it arrives it is available at the pre-publication price of $19.99 rather than $25.99. Order at to reserve your copy while the price lasts!

Simple Guide Set 72

Audio Sermon: A Disciple’s Job Description

A Disciple’s Job Description

If there was a job description for a disciple of Jesus that was formatted like job descriptions you see at an interview, what would it look like? What kinds of duties, objectives, and compensation packages would be included?